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Steve will expertly guide you to the right loan and best rates for your personal scenario and investment aims.

Steve’s goal is to be your financial "guardian angel" — to provide you with both the lowest rate loan and the excellent service he himself would want to receive.

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Loan Promotions and Special Offers

How to Get the Lowest Rate

To get the best rate, use a wholesale mortgage broker. As a wholesale broker, we shop your loan among numerous wholesale lenders and investors to find who has the best rate for you. Once we have helped you select the right type of loan, we then go and find the lowest rate for you.

More: Step-by-step guide to getting the lowest interest rate for your loan

How to Select the Right Loan

Today there are numerous loans from which to choose. Maybe you want a zero downpayment loan, a low monthly payment, or a low interest rate. We will guide you to selecting the best loan for your situation.

More: Step-by-step guide to choosing the right loan

What Does a Loan Cost?

There are many services involved in processing a loan. It’s important to know what fees are legitimate and how to avoid junk fees. Read our overview for more info.

More: Overview of home loan fees

How to Avoid Junk Fees

We never charge junk fees. Read our overview of home loan fees and learn how to avoid junk fees.

We don’t charge junk fees

Guaranteed Rate Lock

We guarantee our GFE

Once you find your property, we guarantee that your rate will not change. View our guarantee

Closing Cost Guarantee

Our Good-Faith Estimate is guaranteed accurate. If your closing costs exceed our GFE disclosure, we’ll pay the overage for you. You can be confident when working with us. View our guarantee

We disclose everything about your loan up-front — the type of loan, rate, term, closing costs, and points (if you choose to pay points). You will give you copies of all documents you sign. There are no surprises at the last moment.

Guaranteed On-time Closing

We guarantee that your loan will close on time or we will pay you $500. View our guarantee

Guaranteed Fast and Easy

We will make this fast and easy for you. We can complete the entire approval process by fax and email — you don’t have to come to our office. We can even send our notary to your home or office to sign the final loan documents! Of course, if you would like to meet and complete the paperwork in person, that’s fine, too.

How We Can Help You Right Now

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Who are Our Lenders?

We shop your loan among lenders and select the best one for your situation. We work only with firms that are reputable, solid, fair and honest.

Unlike a bank which offers only its own loan programs, or a broker who works with just a few lenders, we work with many lenders and investors and select whichever lender has the best rates for the loan program that is best for you.

What Information is Needed?

Just the basics. Here’s a summary of the info you’ll be asked for:

Types of Loans Available

Ready to start?

We are your single point of contact for the entire loan process, from application to funding, ensuring that you receive prompt, accurate service.

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