Our Lowest Rate Guarantee

We guarantee you the lowest rate and lowest costs.
Loan application process

The Details

Here’s how we guarantee you the lowest possible rate and the lowest possible closing costs:

Step 1Call us to discuss your loan scenario.

We will guide you to the types of loans that are most appropriate for your situation, offer strategy suggestions, give you current rate info, and answer any questions. You will learn a lot about loans, for free!

Step 2When you are ready to proceed, we’ll take your loan application and shop your loan among our investors and wholesale lenders for the best rate and terms. We’ll give you our rate with our Lowest Rate Guarantee.

If you’re a buyer, we’ll also provide you an official Pre-approval Letter you can use when making a purchase offer in order to make your offer as strong as possible.

The application fee is $150 and this includes obtaining your credit report and rate shopping. This entire fee is credited back to you at closing.

Step 3Shop around and get quotes from competitors.

Step 4If you can find a better rate and closing costs than our quote, give us the details and we will meet or beat the rate AND beat the closing costs by at least $100. This guarantees that you the lowest possible rate and you save at least $100! Plus, we refund your entire application fee when we close your loan.

If we cannot meet or beat the rate and beat the closing costs by at least $100, go ahead and close on the competitor’s loan and at closing we will refund your entire application fee PLUS an additional $50 for your trouble. Either way, you win!

Any exceptions?

No, there are no exceptions.

The only condition is that you must provide us the competitor’s bona fide Good Faith Estimate ("GFE") for the same type of loan that you request of us. The GFE must specify the standard details including the:

For example, "30-year fixed loan at 6.125% with no points, lock period 30 days, $500 broker processing fee, from CitiBank."

The loan does not have to be locked.

Lenders price loans based on the type of loan, term, points, lock period, closing costs, documentation level, credit score, income, assets, and debts, so changes to any of those could mean different pricing. We reserve the right to verify the competing offer.

Our Other Guarantees

Guaranteed Rate Lock - Once you find your property, we guarantee that your rate will not change.

Guaranteed Closing Costs - We guarantee that our closing costs will not change.

Guaranteed On-time Closing - We guarantee that your loan will close on time.

View our guarantees!

You will be thrilled with our loans and our service. Ask for your guarantees and close your loan with us in confidence!

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