Our Loan Guarantees

We don’t just promise good service — we deliver. Here are our guarantees:

Lowest Rate Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest interest rate and loan closing costs.

The details: Lowest Rate Guarantee

Rate Lock Guarantee

We guarantee that the interest rate lock on your loan will not change after you locate your property.

The details:

Any exceptions?

Closing Cost Guarantee

We guarantee that the broker and lender fees will not exceed our Good-faith Estimate.

The details:

Any exceptions?

On-time Close Guarantee

We guarantee that your loan will close on time.

The details:

Any exceptions?


By "change in the loan terms," we mean: a change in the type of loan, loan term, points, lender, your income, assets, debts, appraisal, title, or vesting, delays caused by you or third parties (such as a title company, appraiser, credit agency), documentation that does not match the data submitted with your application, or expiration of a rate lock.

You will be thrilled with our loans and our service. Ask for your guarantees and close your loan with us in confidence!

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