Information Needed for Your Loan

Depending on the type of loan and the lender, the following items might be needed

Documentation Checklist

Here is a checklist of items that our lenders/investors may request. For a stated income loan, income documents (W2, tax return, 1099) are not required. Note: Your loan approval can be withdrawn if the lender does not receive these promptly. We do not need originals; faxing copies is acceptable.

  All borrowers: Copy of driver license or government-issued photo ID
  All borrowers: IRS Form 4506T
  If self-employed: Federal Tax Return for last 2 years
  If 25%+ of income is commission: Federal Tax Return for last 2 years
  If employee: W2s for last 2 years
  Paycheck stubs covering the last 30 days
  Bank statements for last 90 days (not every account, just enough to document that you have 2~6 months of reserves; Please include all pages, including blank ones)
  Checking, Savings, Mutual funds, Stocks, 401k
  If claiming miscellaneous income: 1099s for last 2 years
  If claiming investment income: Federal Tax Return for last 2 years
  If receiving gift money: Gift letter and Proof of funds
  If claiming rental income: Rental agreements for all properties
  If you’re a business owner: K-1s for last 2 years
  If divorced: Divorce papers
  If bankruptcy: Bankruptcy papers
  If non-citizen: copy of visa papers
  If re-financing (not purchase):
  Copy of Note for first mortgage loan
  Copy of recent statement for first mortgage loan
  Copy of Note for second mortgage or line of credit
  Copy of recent statement for second mtg or line of credit
Other Information:
Your fire insurance agentName & Phone #:
Your employer’s phone #Main Phone #:
 (a phone number which can verified with Directory Assistance)

Please email or fax these items to:

KRC Group, Inc.

Steve Rumberg ()

Fax: (408) 723-5200 (no cover necessary)

Any questions? 408-723-5200 or

Thank you!

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