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Comprehensive Investment Analysis
Steve’s proprietary computer analysis examines your potential purchases and forecasts profit/loss based on historical rates of appreciation and inflation, projects cash requirements & cash flow, tax consequences upon 1031 exchange or sale, calculates internal rates of return for various holding periods, as well as closing costs, cap rates, etc.
Referral Directory
Steve’s exclusive directory of firms recommended personally by Steve and his colleagues. Gives you a place to turn to for contractors, plumbers, and numerous other firms.
Steve’s Guide to a Successful Sale
Each of Steve’s sellers receives informative pointers for preparing their property for sale, how to handle visits by agents and prospective buyers, and what to say (and not say!) when talking with prospective buyers and their agents.
Steve’s Guide to a Successful Purchase
Each of Steve’s buyers receive his informative pointers for getting the best rates on financing, etiquette when visiting homes for sale, and of course, what to say (or not say) when speaking with sellers and their agents.
Steve’s "Overview of the Process"
Steve’s clients stay informed every step of the way with his exclusive summary of the buying/selling process. At-a-glance, you’ll know what to expect and when, including good-faith deposit and contingency timelines, inspections, reports, and repairs.
Steve awards coupons to clients for free consultation time with his accountant, free cleaning of your old or new residence, a free service call with one of his contractors, even free storage of your belongings during your move. Ask for details!
Real Estate Market Watch
Steve’s newsletter of important market news, trends, and insider tips, plus items of general interest to homeowners. Emailed monthly.
Garage Sale Advertising & Signs
Planning a garage sale? We will run your ad in the San Jose Mercury News at our discounted rate and provide you with free signs to point all the traffic directly to your home. (Please call in advance so we can reserve the signs and meet newspaper deadlines.)
Discounted Newspaper Advertising
Need to advertise in the San Jose Mercury News? Our office advertises so much that we have a special, discounted rate. We’ll place your ad, then you reimburse us at cost and keep the savings! It’s nice to have connections, isn’t it?
Property Management Services
Steve efficiently and effectively manage rental property for maximum occupancy with the minimum hassle, saving you time, money, and headaches. View property management services

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