Using an IRA LLC to Defer Capital Gains Taxes

An IRA LLC is a flexible alternative to the 1031 exchange.

What is an "IRA LLC"?

An IRA LLC is a special-purpose, limited liability company that is owned by an Individual Retirement Account.

Who should consider an IRA LLC?

Consider an IRA LLC if you have an existing IRA account.

How about a "Self-Directed IRA"?

The IRA LLC is similar to a self-directed IRA, however the LLC version does not require a custodian and allows you more control.

Benefits of using an IRA LLC

How much does it cost to create an IRA LLC?

The cost will depend on the attorney and the details of your situation. For our clients only, we can provide referrals.

Will you help me with my IRA LLC?

We use sophisticated techniques to help you growth wealth through real estate. To use an IRA LLC, consult a qualified tax professional. We will work closely with your advisor to handle your transaction in the method that best serves you. For our clients only, we can provide referrals.

Important disclaimer: This is general information, not tax advice. Federal and state tax laws change frequently. We are not tax or legal advisors. Please consult a qualified tax or legal professional before acting on anything described here.

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