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General Interest

Issues to consider in a declining market. The answers may surprise you...
Telephone numbers for the local phone, power, water, garbage, and cable tv companies
View a summary of the exceptional results Steve has obtained for clients, both buyers and sellers.
Steve’s specialized services, including real estate investment analysis
Steve networks with real estate professionals nationwide and can help you select an excellent agent in another city. He knows what questions to ask and will monitor your transaction to ensure that your interests are protected.
We help corporate recruiters and HR professionals enhance the hiring process, increase offer acceptance and lower expenses by helping recruits to appreciate the Bay Area. The more comfortable they feel here, the more likely they are to want to work here, for you.
File your US Postal Service "change of address" online
Are you paying too much for homeowner insurance? Select your type of property and coverage and the insurance premiums will be displayed, company by company, allowing you to easily compare rates. Annual survey by the California insurance commissioner.

Your Credittop of page

How your score is determined, what are typical scoring ranges, how it affects your loan rate, how to improve your score.
There are many misconceptions about credit scoring and many "experts" are giving advice that is simply wrong. Find out what is a myth and what is fact so you can get the best possible score.
Prevent your credit data from being shared with unknown firms and people. Here’s how to quickly and easily opt-out.

Loans / Financingtop of page

Get free email updates of current rates and alerts when rates change.
Get our FOUR loan guarantees, including lowest rate, rate lock, closing cost, and on-time close guarantee.
Check out our loan programs for first-time buyers: below-market rates, downpayment assistance, etc.
What is the relationship between fed rates and mortgage rates? If fed rates change, what will happen to mortgage rates? It’s not what everyone would have you believe!
Another technique for buying a home, especially for first-time buyers.
About buying and selling a single property together with others using tenants-in-common ownership
Learn all about Lease Options and get Steve’s overview of how to use this effective technique for buying or selling a property.
Several clients have attempted to secure financing using online lenders. Find out what to watch for...
Learn about this program that reduces taxes for first-time homebuyers
Buying new? When the builder offers you a "special deal" on your loan, be careful...

School Informationtop of page

Everything about your community schools, including STAR test results and district lookup for all California public schools

Tax-relatedtop of page

Explains what’s deductible, what’s not, and how to minimize your taxes now and when you sell.
Explains which loan expenses are deductible and which are not
Learn what is a "capital gain" and how to minimize it when you sell a property.
How to eliminate, reduce, minimize, and delay capital gains taxes on the sale of your personal residence.
How to eliminate, reduce, minimize, and delay capital gains taxes on the sale of your investment property.
Using trusts to eliminate, reduce, or defer capital gains tax
How to avoid the limitations of 1031 exchanges and self-directed IRAs
How to reduce your property taxes when moving within California
Learn about our strange property tax billing system and how to contest your assessed value.

Protect Yourself and Your Familytop of page

Do you want to enable someone else to make health care decisions for you if you are unable? If yes, in California you MUST have an Advance Health Care Directive. Here is your copy, free. This form for California only.
If you own property in California, you don’t want to die without a living trust. Find out why and how to get one.

Local Interest - Silicon Valley areatop of page

Telephone numbers for the local phone, power, water, garbage, and cable tv companies
Parks, recreation and neighborhood services
Dining, theater, music, clubs, nightlife, attractions, activities...
If you live in the Cambrian area of San Jose, this is for you

Development Issuestop of page

An overview of what is required to improve your property.
Graphical maps showing where development is planned or likely to occur in Bay Area counties

Alternative Investmentstop of page

Links to government foreclosure properties

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