"Broker" vs "Salesperson" License

To obtain Broker status, an applicant must complete more education and pass a longer, more comprehensive examination with a higher necessary score, plus there are requirements for a university degree and/or minimum experience. The requirements for Salesperson status are less rigorous, therefore, a salesperson can work only under a licensed broker.

Steve Rumberg is a Broker

Whereas most agents hold only a "salesperson" license, Steve is a Broker. Why is the difference important?  Steve has the additional training, education, expertise and real-life experience to protect you and get results. When your property and money is at stake, why fool around? Count on Steve Rumberg for Exceptional Trust, Service & Results.

Lawyer   Paralegal
Doctor   Nurse
Professor vs Grad student
Broker   Salesperson
Steve Rumberg   others

You can check someone’s license status at the California Department of Real Estate website.

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