Testimonial about Steve Rumberg

Testimonial from Lea Ann McHale

"I was very lucky to have called Steve Rumberg after receiving one of his newsletters. He made the entire selling process a painless one for me. His Real Estate knowledge was extremely helpful and he guided me through the entire process with a great deal of caring and sensitivity. Since I had not sold a home for almost 11 years, many of the old real estate processes that I was familiar with had changed many years ago. Steve's outstanding knowledge was extremely helpful and was invaluable to me.

I was also delighted with the speed of the entire process and the way that Steve managed the large amount of offers that we received. He reviewed, organized and summarized all of the offers to help me select the best offer and the best buyer for my home.

If you are thinking of selling or buying a home, I wholeheartedly recommend Steve Rumberg."

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--Lea Ann McHale
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