Testimonial about Steve Rumberg

Testimonial from Julian and Jeannine Hammersley

"I am writing this letter to offer my thanks for all your assistance in the purchase of the property that we bought for my daughter. I am positive that your diligence and exceptional negotiating skills helped us to obtain the property we wanted at a very reasonable price, especially given the volatile real estate market at the time.

We were both impressed with your promptness in returning our telephone calls, and were pleased to receive the faxes of new properties within our specifications as soon as they came on the market.

I am quite convinced that without your assistance we would not have found what we were looking for in such a timely manner, and would probably have ended up paying a much greater price.

Thank you, also, for your help with the multitude of inspections, forms, reports, etc. that accompany any real estate transaction in California. Your expertise was greatly appreciated. We certainly felt that we received 'Exceptional Trust & Service'"

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--Julian and Jeannine Hammersley
Software development manager
Teacher - San Jose

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