Steve has the expert skills you need to sell in today’s market.

Many agents claim to "market" or "negotiate" but an expert turns listings into showings, objections into offers, low offers into higher ones, and troublesome transactions into closed sales. Steve’s expert marketing and negotiation strategies earn his sellers on average 3.1 higher sales price and 48% faster sale than typical agents.

While the average local agent sells homes for only 99.1% of list price, Steve’s average sale price is 102.2% of list, including 10 years of both up and down markets! How much extra money would that 3.1% difference mean on your sale? Steve’s aggressive marketing strategies and negotiation skill are so effective that 81% of his listings sell above the asking price or within $5000!

Steve’s exclusive, "Rumberg Hassle-free Listing" is a seller’s dream: flexible fees, no upfront costs, and you can cancel at any time. Let Steve show you how to sell at highest possible price. Not only does Steve inform you, represent you, and protect you, he gets you your money.

Test your negotiation skill! (could you make the sale?)

I wanted to thank you for helping me to sell my house and find my new home. I never thought I'd get my dream home, but now I have it!
—Kathleen Murphy

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