Rumberg Hassle-free Listing Program

Keep more money in your pocket with Steve’s exclusive "Rumberg Hassle-free Listing" program: Pay only for the services you need. It’s easy, flexible and safe.

Sell it yourself for free

If you find the buyer yourself and don't need our assistance, you may cancel the listing and owe us nothing. (Not applicable to buyers exposed to the property by our office or another agent.)

Cancel anytime

You can cancel by calling and saying, "I want to cancel the listing." It's that simple. The cancellation is effective immediately.

No advance fees

We do not accept advance fees of any kind.

No-pressure offer presentation

We don’t allow the buyer’s agent to pressure you. All offers will be faxed or delivered to our office and presented to you privately so that you can decide without pressure.

Flexible commissions

Our program is the most seller-friendly listing in the business! We take all the risk and you have none. At our first meeting, we will share our program with you. It's simple, flexible and safe-- just the way it should be!

For more info

Contact us today for more details. Do not list your home until you have seen this program!

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