Common Buyer Mistakes

A significant value Steve offer as your agent is helping you negotiate the best possible price and terms. He uses specific tactics and techniques in his discussions with the seller and their agent.
Knowing what to say, how to say it, and when is critical; even body language and the types of questions asked can reveal much more than intended. All of Steve’s clients receive "Steve’s Guide to a Successful Purchase." This easy-reading guide contains specific suggestions for avoiding the following pitfalls commonly made by buyers (and their agents!):

Disclosing Information & Answering Questions

Disclosing or discussing your needs, likes/dislikes, time frame, etc. with the seller or seller’s agent can definitely weaken your negotiating position. Everything you say and do (or don’t say or don’t do) will affect your position later.

Showing Emotion

Just like the game of poker, your emotions will cost you money. As a professional, Steve is not emotional and can negotiate effectively on your behalf.

Responding to Ads & Signs

When inquiring about an ad or sign, it’s almost impossible for the untrained to avoid the problems mentioned above in "Disclosing Info & Answering Questions."

Incomplete Financing

Not having your financing in place will weaken your position and cost you money. Steve will guide you through the maze of loan programs and financing options.

New Home Agents

Remember that they represent the seller only and their only goal is to sell the house quickly, not to protect you. New homes have their own special issues that you must know about. Steve can help you with both new homes and resale homes.

Incomplete Intelligence

It’s important to learn as much as possible about the seller and the property, including the seller’s motivation for moving, time frame, the status of their next home, what liens are on the property, the seller’s financial situation, the status of other offers, the availability of disclosures or reports, the listing and pricing history of the property, etc.

Insufficient Data

Even using the Internet, buyers do not have access to the insider data to which Steve has ready access, such as undisclosed sales concessions, seller motivation, property condition, and homes about to come on the market, homes just sold but not yet recorded in the public record, and more. Steve analyzes this data with you prior to making all offers.

Lack of Disclosure

Sellers often try to avoid disclosing issues and some sellers think that the disclosure requirements don’t apply to them. Steve will obtain all the required disclosures and help you interpret them. The more info you have, the better and safer your decisions will be.

Verbal Negotiation

By law, verbal offers for real estate are unenforceable and they carry no weight in the mind of the sellers or agents. In the meantime, you’ve disclosed information about yourself. All offers for a property, or later changes to the contract, should always be negotiated in writing.

Faxing Offers

Negotiating by fax is like conceiving a child by fax — not very effective. Steve always attempts to present your offer to the seller and their agent in person, face-to-face. Though the seller is entitled to refuse a personal presentation, he works hard to secure it and has even purchased a property while faxes from other agents were still coming across the fax machine.

Multiple Offers

When competing against other buyers, the highest bid does NOT always win! Different techniques are required, and Steve has specific tactics for such situations.

Using Time To Your Advantage

Don’t let deadlines force you into a concession. Remember that other terms, such as the close of escrow date, deadline for contingency removals, move-in dates, and rentbacks, all translate into money.

Making Concessions

How you concede to changes is as important as what you concede. Amateurs offer to "split the difference"; Steve has other suggestions.

Contingent Offers

Making your offer contingent upon the sale of your current property can severely undermine the strength of your offer. If this affects you, Steve will discuss strategies with you.

Through skillful negotiation, Steve have put tens of thousands of dollars in the pockets of his clients, both buyers and sellers. Together with Steve, you will be a strong team and get the home you want at the best possible price and terms!
If you have any doubt what a good broker can accomplish, see Steve’s Results page.

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